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Hacksplaining is the best and most complete way for your development team to learn about the security vulnerabilities that threaten your business. Here's why you should be using Hacksplaining to help with your security training needs.

Complete Coverage

The Hacksplaining interactive exercises cover all of today's major security vulnerabilities — including those listed on the OWASP Top Ten.

Comprehensive and Customizable

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Your team will learn how prevalent, exploitable and dangerous each vulnerability is, so they have a basis to assess risks going forward.

Code samples cover the major programming languages: Ruby, Python, Node, Java, C# and PHP.

Training material can be customized to your needs.

Everyone Is A Security Expert

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Training your developers to consider security risks at every stage of the development cycle is the most effective way to defend your organization - our training material discusses key concepts to show why secure coding practices are important.

Your team will take tests as they progress through the material, so you know they have been paying attention.

Easy Team Management

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Team administrators can manage company membership and invitations via email lists and email domains. Progress tracking is done in the admin dashboard and can be exported in a simple report format.

New team members can be added as they join your company, and existing team members can be required to review the material on an annual basis.

Affordable Pricing

Small teams
Up to 5 users
Medium Sized Teams
Up to 205 developers
$50/year for each developer
Large Teams
Unlimited seat license