Grokking Web Application Security

Hacksplaining is now a book! In partnership with Manning Publications we have squeezed the lessons of Hacksplaining into dead-tree form:

The cover of the book Grokking Web Application Security

Grokking Web Application Security is a comprehensive overview of every aspect of web application security. The book covers all the major security principles a modern web developer should know, and all the vulnerabilities they are likely to encounter.

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Who Should Read This Book

This book is for anyone who writes web applications and feels like they should know more about web application security. That includes first-time coders looking for a map of the territory and experienced hands who want to brush up their knowledge.

A list of unit tests

How the Book is Organized

The first half of the book covers the major security principles you need to know as a developer. The second half covers all the major vulnerabilities you will encounter in the web applications, starting from the browser and moving across the network to the server.

A firewall protecting against a SQL injection attack A file upload vulnerability

How to Read the Book

There are two ways to read this book, depending on how you absorb knowledge. If you are patient, read it from cover to cover, and you will find that the topics gradually reveal the world of application security. If you are impatient, dive into a chapter that looks interesting, and you will find that it references related topics that pull you in different directions.

Some examples of unicode in Doppelganger attacks

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