Frequently Asked Questions
Who made this?
We are a small group of developers and infosec professionals. We felt the existing cyber-security training courses for developers were too expensive, and didn't focus on specific ways to protect yourself. So we built something better.
How much does it cost?
It's free! There's no cost for signing up, taking the training, or doing the quizzes.
How do you make money then?
We intend to charge companies to track their employees' progress through the exercises. (A lot of industries make security training mandatory for developers. Finding clients in those industries will help us keep the training material accessible to everyone.)
Why do I need to register if it's free?
If you do all (or nearly all) the exercises, we will email you and ask you to recommend us to your employer or educational institution. We won't spam you and you can unsubscribe from these marketing mails with one-click. We also promise not to share your email with any third-parties.
But I really don't want to give you my email
Fine! Just sign up with a disposable email address. Don't forget to wear your tinfoil hat while doing so.
Do you cover the OWASP Top 10?
Yes! We split the exercises into more specific topics than the OWASP categories, since our training focuses on individual vulnerabilities.
Do you cover mobile security issues?
Not yet, but stay tuned.
I did all your exercises. What next?

If you are interested in learning more about (ethical) hacking, you should:

  • Pick up a good book about penetration testing.
  • Check out /r/netsec for the latest security news.
  • Delve into OWASP and start reading whitepapers.
  • Head on over to Bugcrowd and start getting paid to hack.
I like this and I want to help
Share this site with everyone who might find in useful! If you feel like you could contribute your expertise, get in touch.
I like this and I want to write about it in my blog
Please do! Get in touch if you have any questions.
I don't like this and I'm angry at things

Oh dear. Maybe you will enjoy this picture of a bathing monkey instead?

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